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One of the responsibilities of every car owner is to stay on top of their vehicle maintenance. The best way our team can help is by providing a top-notch team of technicians that can get the job done quickly and efficiently! Vehicle maintenance is never at the top of the list when it comes to things drivers enjoy, but it is necessary to keep everyone safe on the road. Our team can tackle a wide array of problems that come up or typical intervals when it's time. Reach out to our service center for more information or to schedule an appointment with our team.

Why Stop at Our Service Center in Colorado Springs, CO?

While we love helping drivers find their next Chevrolet dream car and have a variety of vehicles in our inventory, we pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop. This means drivers can come back and depend on our high-quality service long after they've left our sales lot. Our service team of technicians is certified and skilled. They have worked in the industry for years and have the experience to complete any simple or complex task.

We work in a friendly yet professional manner providing information regarding your vehicle's health. Our team will always let you know what types of issues we find and how best we can solve them. Trust that we'll alert you to any underlying problems and always use high-grade materials for any repairs or replacements. The aim of our service is to whip your vehicle back into shape so it will last you for years to come.

Check Out Our Service Menu

Drivers will find that our dealership handles a range of service options, from minor to complex. When scheduling a service with our team, let us know what type of work is needed. If you're not sure, call us, and our team can set you up with a thorough inspection to find the root of the trouble. The following is a general list of the most common services we offer:

  • Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Battery Checks
  • Brake Inspections
  • Engine Repairs
  • Oil Changes
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Tire Rotations
  • Transmission Flush
  • And more!

Service Offers And Pricing

We offer competitive prices on popular vehicle services like oil changes, brakes and tires.

Discover More Information About Our Services Around Falcon, CO

Need New Tires? Full Tire Services at Daniels Long

If you're in need of new tires, our technicians can help you find a new set that will benefit your driving style. We have many popular brands, and drivers can discover specials and deals on our website. As for tire services, our team will check the pressure, and tread wear, carry out a rotation, among other services, as needed. The goal of a tire rotation is to maximize the longevity of the set so drivers can get the most out of them. By rotating the wheels around, the wear & tear from the road will not deteriorate the front tires at such an alarming pace compared to the others.

Efficient Oil Changes in Colorado Springs

Oil changes are among the most commonly required services. It can seem tedious, but the oil in your vehicle plays a very important role. Clean oil acts as a cleaning agent, lubricant, and coolant while circulating the engine. Over time, dirt and contaminants will accumulate from the vehicle being driven around.

As such, the oil becomes dirty and can turn into sludge. This will hinder its performance around the engine and can ultimately cause damage to the engine and its components. Bring your vehicle to our service center around every 5,000 to 7,000 miles for a quick and complete oil change.


With your Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection, you get a thorough assessment of your vehicle by the Certified Service experts. So protect yourself and your automotive investment with a comprehensive vehicle inspection at your Daniels Long Chevrolet today.

Download the GM Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Sheet

The Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection form uses a simple color-coded key to assess maintenance terms:

  • Red indicates items that need immediate attention.
  • Yellow indicates items that should be addressed in the near future.
  • Green indicates no items to address.

Hearing Brake Noise?

Brakes should be inspected every so often or every other oil change to make sure there are no issues. If your brakes become dilapidated, it can be extremely dangerous for the safety of you and your family. Keep an eye, or ear, out for any signs of deterioration or problems. If you hear funny or odd noises, screeching when slowing or backing up, or the brake feels spongy when pressed, swing by our dealership. We want to get ahead of any potential complications before they snowball into costly or dangerous headaches.

Battery Trouble?

A car battery inspection is a simple service we can easily carry out. Our team will check the energy levels to ensure that it still has life enough to keep the vehicle running well. Battery checks might not seem like the most important thing, but your car will not move without a functional battery. It's best to stay ahead of a dead battery, so you're not stranded if it dies. Our technicians can recommend new battery brands and options when your battery starts to show signs of depletion.

Explore Genuine Parts & Accessories Near Castle Rock, CO

Pueblo, CO, drivers looking for top-tier crafted parts for personal projects or at-home repairs can turn to our parts department. Go ahead and fill out our online request form for the part you require. If you're not sure what part will work best, talk to our technicians! We can point you in the right direction, and with our genuine parts, you can trust their durability and size. Set up an appointment with our team when the part comes in to have us professionally install it for you!

Contact Daniels Long Chevrolet Service Center Today

Feel free to contact our dealership with questions about our services or a full list of menu options. We would be happy to discuss any service specials, coupons, deals, or discounts we currently offer. Our belief is that premium service such as ours shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, so we implore drivers to check out our deals before stopping by. Learn more about our dealership and how we can aid you along your automotive journey today.

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