At Daniels Long Chevy we love to help welcome home all the soldiers, airmen, and marines. Why? Because we support our community, and respect what they do. And as we all know, Colorado Springs is a military town.

 The fact is that some choose their vocations based on the expected salary. Others pursue their passions above all else. Some have determined to shatter a glass ceiling through equal parts determination and strategic toil. Others have a proud legacy to maintain. Everyone is motivated to succeed for different reasons. As we all strive to secure a better future the courageous men and women among us defend our collective liberty to do so. 

So at Daniels Long Chevy, we are here for the young airwoman putting herself through university via ROTC. We are here for the marine following in his father's footsteps, and his grandfather's footsteps, and his great-grandfather's footsteps. We are here for the soldier reporting to her first base, and for the coastguardsman on the cusp of retirement, and for the sailor who has been living at sea for over a year. 

There is no one face of heroism. Our country's finest come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, communities, and situations. That same diversity is reflected in the machines they drive. Whatever their preferences may be, we are proud to offer quality vehicles to those who have given their all for our liberty.
So if you are a member of the armed forces, and are looking for a Chevy, contact us to schedule a test drive or visit our dealership to learn more about the military discounts we offer.